Sunday, January 18, 2015


The lighting is awful - and I have lost one of my sock blockers (but found a missing sock while I was looking for it!!) - but finished the first month's knit from stash sock.....

Joined a group - chose 12 sock yarns - labeled 12 bags with the different months - handed both to husband who put the yarns into the bags and sealed them. So each month the yarn is a "surprise" for me!

The group offers a pattern which you may or may nor chose to use.

I chose to use it.....The Hornet pattern by Heatherly Walker. Mine is a little different because I was just recovering when I got to a part in the pattern that I misread.....but it is ok, I like them! Just had to make sure that I did sock #2 the same way!

So now I have used one skein from stash.....used probably 400 yards from the 420 yards in the skein....Havent bought any new yarn since September so I am starting the year off right (altho I will probably have to buy some new yarn next month) !

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