Can You Believe It Is 2015?

Hope everyone stayed safe - and warm - last night!

We did manage to make it to midnight - but no one else felt like champagne so the glass I had with our early dinner at Amici's was the only champagne. Lots of fireworks going on - first at 9PM and then at MN.

Our New Year's Day dinner is postponed until this weekend when, hopefully, our chief cook will feel more like cooking.

Does anyone have special good luck things that you do/cook on New Years Day? We have black eyed peas.....which no one likes no matter how I make them.

I am fighting the crud that everyone in the house has had/still has. So I dont know about my 2015 word; HEALTH!!!! I have a cough but it isnt too bad - hopefully it stays that way!


The only special thing that I cook is fresh kielbasa and sauerkraut. The rest is just haphazard and whatever else I feel like making. This year we had honey baked ham (we had a gift card) and HB's smoked turkey. The turkey is better than the ham.

I made au gratin potatoes and they just weren't very good. I think I had too many potatoes and not enough sauce.

Of course, it could be that I wasn't truly able to taste anything anyway.

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