Sunday, March 20, 2016

7 Months?????

I complain if someone I follow doesnt post a blog every few days or so......and here it has been 7 months for me!

How do I catch up? I cant.....September found all of us (except for my son) in Hawaii. Oldest daughter and family started their trip on the BIg Island and then met up with us at Aulani on Oahu. Middle daughter and children went with us to Honolulu and then on to Aulani. We all had a wonderful time.....I think. Checked into Aulani Monday and by that night I was starting to feel sick. Some time of respiratory crap. About the most I did was Pearl harbor otherwise I stayed at the Resort and dragged myself to the beach and pool.....couldnt believe how walking OUT of the ocean could exhaust me so.....Finally enjoyed a cocktail or two the last few nights we were there. 7 months later and I am still asking for a do-over as I feel gypped. Neither hubby nor I even did out usual hike at Diamond Head....we were both so disappointed because we had been planning to enjoy that with the grands for so long!

Jump ahead to the end of the year. Our beloved neighbor and his wife were about to leave on a long planned trip to New Zealand and Samoa, which was including a family reunion for him. Just days before they were to leave, he died in his sleep. Devastating. He was the epitome of the best neighbor ever.

Two days after his services, we decided to get started on prepping the upstairs for painting and new carpeting. Hubby sent me out to the shed to look for something (cant even remember what now!). As I left the shed, I didnt notice my foot had gotten tangled in the loose strap of the Christmas tree bag (the one I yelled at him to fasten up when we were putting the tree away - which, for once, we waited until AFTER New Year's Day to take down).....I kept hustling out of the shed until my foot wouldnt hustle any more - and bang - fell right into the side of the garage shoulder first - ended up on my knees - and then finally sat down on the cold and wet concrete as I screamed out curses and tryied to catch my breath!

My poor dog didnt know whether to come check on me or to run away from me!

I finally managed - after several tried - to get up off the concrete and into the house. There are no windows on that side of the house and hubby was upstairs. Sat down and was still hyperventilating - as he came down the stairs yelling at my why I wasnt answering the phone! Poor guy - I could barely speak - but he did get ice and listen to me as I said yes I wanted to go to the ER but needed to pull myself together first.

Just like with my broken ankle back in 2009 I am the Queen of Denial. Was convinced even up through the Xrays that it was only a very painfully sprained muscle.....and of course when the MD told me it was broken I broke down crying again. Luckily it was a nice clean crack of the "greater tuberosity" and did not require surgery; unfortunately it was my right shoulder and I am right handed.

Even with a left handed son, I never totallyt appreciated how this world is set up for right handed people...

Anyway, lots of supplements (calcium and minerals) and very good care from my husband, and a wonderul physical therapist I returned to work jsut short of 10 weeks later (could have been a week earlier but had difficulty with the MD office getting back to me about my work release).

Am I glad to be back to work?? Well......I am glad to be well enough to BE back to work! But now that I was well enough, I was just starting to enjoy my time off!

39 months until retirement.....that is my mantra now.....39 months.

The best news? We have a new member of the family! For months (years?) my husband has been wanted a German Shepherd. We have looked but he never found one he wanted. Wanted a male. Then our daughter came to us about this beautiful dog that a friend of hers had but was needing/wanting to give up. If they couldnt find anyone, they would take her to a shelter. So we agreed to meet HER.......I know my husband immediately fell in love with we agreed to try for a week. Well, everyone knew by about day two she was part of the family. Took about 2 days for Ralphie to completely bond with her, but since then he and Bella have been inseperable. They are the same age, altho not the same size!!Still adjusting to a HUGE dog in the house again!

Here are some out of order photos.....
 (The smile on her face is why I make these.....)
 (2016 group of Teddies going to Ethiopia)

(middle daugher and all but one grands on one of the last nights at Aulani)
My husband kept encouraging me to try knitting and I was able to do that. And some needlepoint. Took a finished shawl for Alice's Embrace ( to Stitches West and hand it over. I have 2 more on the needles. I plan to knit my way thru all their patterns. They are such a wonderful group.

I had just finished putting together all the teddy bears I had knit for my friend to take to Ethiopia for Doctor's Giving Back. Had hoped to have a few more for her to take but was glad I had those done.

In February the Second Semester of Sophomore Year at The Loopy Ewe Academy began. This time I decided to do 3 pairs of socks. The first pair were a whiz - knit - blocked - and have been worn quite a few times. The second pair I got 3/4 of the way thru one sock and realized there were too many mistakes and I need to frog it, so I started the 3d pair. And that one has been kicking my butt - too - have already ripped out the first one and am back to the leg of that one.

Also working on a baby blanket - the Pi blanket - and a beautiful shawl that I bought at Stitches West.

Beautiful last weekend of Winter/First day of Spring. Went to Monterey yesterday. Of course we had Red's Donuts! Then we switched out flowers at the cemetary only to discover some mysteries - missing Christmas flowers - new flowers on husband's grandfather's grave - and fresh flowers on his grandmothers. Then visited a friend and took him out to lunch. Oh yes, and there was a stop at a garage sale out in Pebble Beach. PIcked up several items - all of which were $2 and $2 (gift for a friend, a Christmas angel, another gift for a friend, some lovely necklaces for myself and my grand daughter) but I handed back the straw bag that I wante for a knitting project bag. It was nice but obviously used - some discoloration - and they wanted $20 for it! Unbelieveable! He did come all the way down to $10 but still.......

Today started out sunny but the clouds quickly came in and we recieved some more blessed rain. Because I worked Thursday night tonight we are having our corned beef and cabbage - and as much as I dont like corned beef, it is smelling pretty good!

Also got the bathroom scrubbed down - some planting done (clippings from our friend's house plus a new plant I bought today at OSH) - and the refrigerator cleaned out so there is room for the pierogies this weekend - since we dont have a second refrigerator to use this year!

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