Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Disneyland's 60th Celebration

Hubby was sad that he wouldnt get to go to DL for their celebration.....until I reminded him that  I had 2 weeks off and we were only going to Hawaii for one. So he shifted things around, used the last of our points for a room.....and flew off to SOCA on Monday and came back Thursday!

I have never seen the line at Oakland Airport for security....but we made it thru in time and still were able to buy something to gulp down for breakfast and then off we went!

Not going to go into each day detail - just hit some highlights. For instance - that strange stuff pouring down fromt he sky Tuesday morning! What is that? A fountain outside that we hadnt seen? No - it is RAIN! And it was a nice gully washer off and on but we were prepared with our ponchos and umbrella and carried on. Too bad Disneyland couldnt carry on too......early morning into the park and almost every major ride was closed due to the rain. A couple I dont even know if they even opened later.....very discouraging. But we still got a lot done.

That was our day to eat at the Carthay Circle in California Adventure for the first time. Lovely place. And the food was good.....to start with. They also have a lovely bar there that we didnt know about. Too bad the bartender wasnt a little more informative. Saw all the local beers listed on the menu....hubby asked about Corona and she replied they didnt have any Mexican beers - never told us what beers they did have. So he had a drink and I tried a pineapple hard cider.....even tho I know I am not a huge fan of pineapple. Well, it was cold and it was wet. That day it was 86% humidity outside and I needed cold and wet!

Started our lunch - late. Becuase they were running behind. We had the 3 course prix fixe lunch to get the show ticked for the Wonderful World of Color. No choice on salad dressing and the salad came out drowning in dressing which I dont like. SO hubby finished my salad. You would think with Boudin's bakery on the property the bread would be better. It was good but it wasnt Boudin's.

My salmon - BC salmon - was delicious - it literally melted in your mouth. Not sure what all the side dishes were but the veggies were good. Hubby had a chicken breast that was served with another salad (he got his greens that day!) and then decided he needed to share a bite of the chicken with me since I shared a bite of my salmon with him. I cut it, and took a bite and it was very good. Then I took another bite - and wait, what was that in my mouth????? A blonde/grey hair about 12" long......that was what it was. GAGGGGGGGGGGG!.

Wasnt my hair - wasnt hubby's hair - wasnt the waitress's hair. Looking into the kitchen I couldnt see anyone back there with hair like that. There was one woman plating food that it could have been.....but it was rolled up inside of the breast.

Oh it was disgusting. And that was it for the meal for us. I couldnt even eat the rest of my salmon even tho it was hairless!

Did manage toe at the desserts which were good - again, not great - but good. But we were done with the place.

The waitress was great about it. She said she would have the chef make another plate - hubby said no thank you - she brought it out anyway in a to go box. We explained that there was just no way we could eat that after our experience. So they comped that lunch - still gave us the two tickets - and then also a FastPass to any ride in the park. The only thing missing was - no manager came out to talk to us? To apologize?

The other thing that dismayed me is the lackadaisical attitude around the hot tub at the hotel. The sign clearly states no kids under 14 alone......yet at any given time there were more unsupervised kids in it than any other age group. And I am not talking teens or preteens - I am talking down to toddler age. Hot tubs are not the safest thing for kids - yet apparently parents do not think it important to watch them. There are no lifeguards at the hot tub - and they dont even bother/waste their time enforcing the rules. And to watch the kids - and some adults - treat it like a swimming pool - swimming in it - jumping in - going under water - and EATING in it total dismayed me.

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