Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Oh 2016 You are Being Very Trying

So hubby had his nerve conduction test - and the neurologist told him what we already knew - that he has bilteral carpal tunnel and he really needs to have the surgery. But things at work - his nice little part time job that he wanted to do as a volunteer but had to be staff - with people retiring and going on vacation so when he spoke to the surgeon they decided it was reasonable for him to wait until May to do it.

Now the decision is - both at the same time or not? The surgeon said with the endoscopic way he does it learning how to use his left hand for certain private things would be as difficult as coping with the two hands for a couple of days. It would mean only surgery and anesthesia one time - and a 30 minutes surgery instead of 2 - 15 minute surgeries. Have looked a lot online and even those who had it done the old fashioned way (with the incision in the palm of the hand instead of in the crease of the wrist) said that doing both hands was preferable  because the recovery was over and done with instead of doing it twice. So we/he is still undecided.

Was napping today after working last night - had gotten up to use the bathroom - and then I heard him come home from work, as did the dogs. The next thing I know he is saying in a very definite voice "get up - it is time for you to get up" and all I could think was, I was just up to the bathroom, it isnt that late - when I heard him say the rest "I need you to drive me to the hospital".

I swear, our ER needs to give our green stamps, frequent flier miles, or something....

He was finishing up work and chatting with his boss and coworker - while he was coming down on the lift from the back of the delivery truck - was resting his hand on the truck and didnt notice where it was - remember, he has no/reduced feeling in 3 of his fingers  on each hand - when the door of the truck decided to close on it. So......on his ring finger of his left hand (note - left - thank goodness!!!) he has a fracture on the "tuft" of the bone.

I had never heard this before so the MD showed me the Xray. It is right at the end of the finger. Clean break. Nothing to do about it. But he also got 7 stitches in that finger. Got his tetanus booster too - but I think the lidocaine was the worst - he has been a happy camper since he got that! Altho I think it is starting to wear off....

The finger next to it - the MD had to put a hole in the nail to drain the blood underneath or he said we would be back in the ER that night from pain. That nail was the most interesting shade of baby blue before he did that - now it has started to turn black and the MD said he would probably lose it. And it is still oozing blood but has slowed down considerably. He has some bruising on another finger.

But I tell you - ER nurses have the most fun toys!
 See this tube like thing???? I am totally convinced a nurse came up with it! That is what put that lovely bandage on his finger! It was slid inside the stockinette - she put it over his finger and slid some stockinett off - twisted it - pushed it down over his finger - and kept repeating it until it made this most perfect bandage!

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