Well, it has had it's hot days and it's cool days and it's warm days. But we are only in the beginning of July....I keep promising Bella that this will be the last summer she suffers in the heat....but I dont think she believes me from the way she just keeps panting and glaring at me!

Big birthday last month - BIG BIRTHDAY! Who, as a kid and young adult, ever looks past 40 as an age YOU will get?? Only your parents and your friends! It hurt to get my Medicare card in the did. But it was overshadowed with the fact that next year I will be a retired lady!!! It is so sad seeing friends retire before me....some of them at a wayyyyyy younger age.....and  know that I made some pretty dumbass decisions as to where my life was going to lead me over the years. I may regret the long term effects of it but there have been some mighty fine days, and people, mixed among the rest.

Spent the week of my birthday in Disneyland. Supposed to go with some old friends, but because of a family tragedy they had, it was only hubby and me. And surprisingly it wasnt as crowded as I expected - secondly GET THE MAX PASS FRIENDS! As much as I HATE Disney nickel and diming you to death, this was the best money we spent!!! (

And the weather was glorious - ranged from 77 - 83 the whole 4 days we were there. A blessing - cause starting the next week it was outrageous - like 111 - 117!!!

First evening we ate at the Blue Bayou - a favorite - but kinda disappointing. The menu choices were not that exciting. And my birthday "treat" was this Mickey shaped blob of chocolate that not even my husband could eat much of. Surprisingly - everywhere else offered a free birthday dessert of my choosing....but not them.

The second evening was at Cathey Circle and oh my was it good! The place is lovely - the service is wonderful -- and the food was fantastic! And I stupidly chose not to accept a dessert cause #1 I was so full and #2 we planned on going to Ghiradelli afterwards!

The third night was at the Napa Rose - and we met up with some friends who deserted Northern California for Southern California (ok ok, it was a job change but still....). And that was so much fun. The place is lovely - the service wonderful - Mickey was our waiter and he was funny, and attentive without being over attentive. The food was very good......but dinner the night before was better.  The bread they served was out of this world! But I was disappointed with the fact that my chicken (which was tender and delicious) came with maybe a tablespoon of finely diced mixed veggies - and 3 gnocchi. Gnocchi that were no where as good as the gnocchi I had the night before. And the dessert I chose for all of us to share wasnt very good either - that had to be displayed by the fact it was a small dessert, shared by 4 people, and we left almost 1/2 of it there. But the company more than made up for any complaints!!!

Let's see - one day I actually rode 3 THREE roller coasters! Matterhorn - Thunder Mountain - and Splash Mountain! Unbelievable!

Even more unbelievable was that I rode the new Guardians of the Galaxy - what the heck - I survived Tower of Terror, right?? NEVER EVER AGAIN! First time in a long time that I almost - very nearly - threw up on a ride! Got off the ride and had to sit for awhile willing the food to stay INSIDE my stomach and not outside......

4th of July we went to the Fair. The weather was lovely. And it wasnt as crowded as we thought it was going to be. Guess everyone else thot why spend full price on a half day? They were closing the parking lots at 2:30 PM and the gates at 3 PM because the Fair itself was closing at 6 PM/ Now we didnt care cause we had our prizes (free tickets!!) for entering items in the fair - and I got a great coupon for the parking too.

And they have sky carts there now!!! They go from one side of the fairgrounds to the other - $5/person for unlimited rides! So we rode it several times - great views of the fair but also the surrounding hills from up there!

(Doesnt anyone use Spell Check???)

 Hubby and I each entered 2 succulents.....and we got Honorable Mention on each of them! LOL
Wait - what? You only see 3 photos? Oh cute little miniature brown teapot....the one I do NOT have a photo of?  Was stolen! Supposedly they had 3 stolen this year.....and one bunny! But the bunny was found and returned to the owner....

 And I was 0/3 for my entries this year. Oh well....the free ticket to get in is the best prize every year!

 This cowl did not turn out as I expected at all....rather ugly in fact. But I love the yarn so I think this cowl will magically become a pair of socks!!! (eventually)

Came home and tried a new remedy for the dogs which seemed to work very well thank you to a friend! A friend had given hubby some CBD oil to try on his knee. He said it didnt work - and he hates the smell. So we gave the dogs treats with a drop of oil on each one. NO SHAKING! NO WHINING! NO CLIMBING (both of them) UP INTO MY LAP! They were awake - and startled by the really loud bangs - but we were all able to enjoy the evening better and actually sleep that night! And also, thank you to the neighbors who stopped their celebration well before midnight....

This week we get the carpeting installed upstairs. We will see how much we like it - or hate it - but it doesnt really matter since it is not for us.

And in a couple of weeks we are going camping for 3 nights. Leaving the dogs home with a dog sitter....we will see how that goes....but it is going to be way too hot up there for them since most places discriminate against dogs in swimming pools......


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