Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 34th anniversary. Wow. Who would have believed that? I know most people would not have taken bets that we would have lasted this long - I think most people were betting on a year or two!

I was trying to think of how to describe it all in one word - fun? yes, but...interesting? defintely, but..Challenging? absolutely, but...Finally decided on - ADVENTURE!

And that it has! We have lived in how many different places? Both sides of the country. We have traveled to where? Raised 3 challenging kids of whom 2 are raising their own challenges....and we are still adventuring on together....WHOO- HOO it has been a ride!

So how did we spend the day? At our rental - seeing the miracle that Pacific Tub & Tile worked with the tub - awesome job!!! AND came in under estimate!! Even better.

Then hubby thought he could fix the leaks in the sink without having to replace entire vanity and sink....well, we fixed 3 out of 4 leaks....all day process too.

Had dinner at the only place we seem to eat at any more down there - Abalonetti's on the wharf cause we love their squid.

Today and tomorrow is the HArvest Wine Festival that we will be enjoying...jsut wish it would be cooler...

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