Monday, October 15, 2007

Uh oh - its coming

Well, went to the Comp Exam workshop yesterday and it all became very very real. In about a month I will be sitting in a computer lab, with 4 hours to write an APA formatted paper, without any resources with me except a reference list and an outline. And whether or not I get my MSN depends on whether or not I achieve an 80% on that pass/fail paper.

A month. 4 weeks. To research it and write it over and over again until I know the material inside and out, upside and down.

And they blew my original idea out of the water. So I have to go back to another idea - of which I threw away all my articles about 2 weeks ago. So I start from square -1.

Might not be seeing much posting. Unless I am freaking out - which I know I will do.

So I am asking you all for lots of prayers and good thoughts that I pass this obstacle...and that my poor husband survives living with me for this period of time....which of course also includes work, and role option hours, and school work...

Only a month...only a month...only 4 weeks....

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