Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well, I emailed United Airlines last week to ask them how they determined who recieved the travel voucher. No reply so far. Of course, I was pretty sarcastic about preferential treament towards the male half of the traveling twosome...

I am so tired. Really tired. And it is school that I am tired of. I feel like there is this pendulum swinging over my head "Clinical hours...Comp Exam...Weekly work...Clinical Hours...Comp Exam...Weekly work". Slowly and tenaciously it swings...

I have my Beap Soup bracelet done...well, almost done. The knitting is done. Just have to put the fasteners on. Should be able to get to that today since I am on call. And am ready to make more - much more quick and easy than I first thought!

And the dress I am knitting for someone special is almost done. And already found another idea. Dont know that I will have to order the pattern for that one. I think I can wing it without a pattern as long as I find the colors I want!

Next weekend I have to go to the Comp Exam Workshop in Salinas - Sunday evening. I am not complaining. Much better than having to fly down south - miss out on work and clinical hours and spend more money! Have to do that in November for the Comp Exam itself. And I am getting pretty frustrate trying to find resource material for the paper.

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