Monday, October 8, 2007

Some Updates

Here are two photos of the Scrawl that I finished sometime ago. It is lovely isnt it? Still dont think I got the sleeve length quite right, even after re-doing them once. If you are interested, the pattern is here:

This is an adorable kit that I found out from a friend at She has a far better photo of the bracelet she did on her site. Anyway, the kit is from They have a lot of lovely kits and their service is wonderful! Please go and look at all the lovely jewelry you can make! And you know what surprised me? They have knit bead jewelry kits for sale - jewelry that I have in my mom's jewelry case that she made decades ago! What is that saying about what is old is new again?

And this is a future present for a special little miss. Yes, it is way too big for her right now. And I purposely made it too big. It will either fit her next summer or the summer after that. Altho, after the phone call I recieved today - maybe it will be next summer! The phone call was from DD who states little Kaia is up to 9 lbs already and has sprouted 2 inches - up to 21 inches tall!!! So maybe she is going to a be a tall girl and tkae after her brother...after all, both parents are pretty tall! Anyway, that was a cotton yarn and pattern that I bought from the yarn girls at Again, I had wonderful service from them, but this was thte firts time I have ordered from them.


Birdsong said...

What an adorable little dress! I like the shrug too... the color is a favorite, though not such a good match to my complexion. Sounds like you need that downtime knitting brings.

Didi B said...

Tag! You're it! I'm tagging you for the 8 Random Things meme, you can find it on my blog. :) Neener neener.

jessicapollitt said...

Hi Danielle, I'd be very happy to email you a copy of the WWII sock pattern!
I'm sure the copyright-cops will hunt me down and jab me with knitting needles, but it's a risk I'm willing to take! Drop me an email and I'll pass it on! (My address is top right of