Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thought provoking thoughts

Thanks to Birdsongs comment on my last post....I started thinking. I love the yarn I made the SCRAWL from. Not only the texture but the colors. But have I worn it yet? No - becuase I dont have anything to wear it with.

And that started me thinking. The colors I buy in yarns rarely if ever go with the colors in my wardrobe. Why? Why would I lust for/buy/enjoy/choose colors to knit with that are so different than the colors in my wardrobe?

I know in socks, most of my clothing is not purples. And I do love the deep plums and eggplants. And yet most of the sock yarns I choose are matter how hard I try to chose other colors...the ones I make are from the purples I buy.

Does anyone else have this predicament?

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DrLaura said...

i used to find that too... what are the colors i love and what is it i wear.
1. socks can go with nothing and be worn for fun at home
2. i have a couple fair isle cardis
which i love and wear regardlessl..
3. maybe BECAUSE your job/life requires you to wear more monotonal, you want to knit explosions of color?
4. as we age our color faves change
- my grey/white hair changes my palette from when i was a bright redhead
5. i adore pale lavender, many pastels that look horrible with my skin and hair... so knitting them is all i can do. but before i knit a hat i do hold against my face.
maybe a dark green against my face, but a lavender splash in the hat b/c i love it...
blessings, :L