Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catching up

Did y'all see that brouhaha with Berkeley? How stupid can a city and people be! I mean, c'mon, that city doesnt need any more publicity - and it jsut ends up embarrassing itself as well as the state. But it is apparently a very rich city - considering all the OT they paid out yesterday - my daughter racked up 12.5 hours of OT and I am not sure how much my son-in-law got, but he got quite a few hours too. And that is just TWO of the cops!! And whyever would a City Council allow all those people who are NOT citizens of the city waste their time by talking in Chambers? They didnt even start that part of the meeting until 10 PM - guess they thought people would give up and go home? HA!

I tell you too, if I found out the school took my child/ren to a public protest like that WITHOUT MY PERMISSION I would be in the office as soon as it opened this morning....but then again, it is Berkeley.

I laughed at the one lady complaining of getting pushed around and went to a protest not a tea party! What did you think was going to happen there????

Ok. Now the personal side of business. In December I found a funny lump on the outer aspect of my left breast. But then didnt notice it again for awhile. In January, I felt it again and talked to my doctor - it was time for my mammo again anyway. But where it was situated, we decided an ultrasound might be good too.

So had that done. They think it is just a cyst or lipoma. Watch a little bit and then maybe take it out. No big deal - office visit time. BUT....back in 2005/2006 they found some micro-calcifications in my right breast. Watched it closely until January 2007 - no changes all that time, so okay to go back to yearly mammos.

Now it is January 2008 and those micro-calcifications have grown in number, size, and are all different sizes now. The good thing is, they are not spiculated. The radiologist talked to me first about a stereoptic removal (in radiology, done by a radiologist). Made sense to me- except the part about needles and wires in my boob! SHUDDER...

Then my PMD decided to send me to a surgeon - after all, just go in, take it out and take out whatever else looks suspicious. Hmm, that makes sense to me too.

So am back from my visit with the surgeon who said....have it done with the radiologist...He kinda looked at me funny when I started laughing! Here I am going around in full circle. But what he said made even more sense....He said if they surgically remove the area, they will close it up and wait for the pathologist report which could take up to 3 days. Meanwhile, doing that could mess with the lymphatic system which they do not like doing. And that is because, if it is suspicious, they then put in dye so they can locate the immediate lymph node for biopsy. And if they have already messed with taking out tissue, they might disrupt the lymphatic system which means they might not get the primary lymph node which means they might get a false reading on whether or not there is lymph involvement.

So what does that mean? I am sitting waiting again while they check with the insurance company and then with radiology to schedule this. This that I want over and done with right now! Just like any person with this hanging over their head - I want answers now!

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