Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A sunny day!

After a stormy weekend, it is another sunny day! So we got more water (rain) which we needed, but now we get to dry out a little so that the ground can soak up the next rain (if there is a next rain).

After the faculty meeting on Friday, I drove over to the Santa Clara Convention Center to Stitches West market. (All of you non-knitters can skip this part). It was overwhelming! And I am ticked at myself for not buying a certain pattern - and I meant to go back and get a couple of things for gifties but I forgot. But I was very good - and bought yarn/pattern for a swap - and yarn and pattern for myself. And that was it!!!!

I bought some yarn to make the newest grandchild a kimono sweater - if it is a girl. If it is not a girl - then they will be socks for me! Cause I love the colors! Some of the other stuff was gorgeous - but so outrageous - the glass knitting/crochet needles are to die for....but $35??? I dont think so...especially since I just broke one of my beautiful little wooden DPNs that I love but did not cost nearly as much as glass ones!!!

Got to pat a lot of yarns...and now I think I understand all the talk about the Malabrigio yarn...yum that stuff is soft! But I DONT NEED ANY MORE YARN! I need to use up some stash...and speaking of that, I finally made myself some St Patrick's Day socks with some KnitPicks yarn I bought a couple of years ago! As you can see, I dont mind fraternal twins at all - in fact I think they are fun!
Our decade long bathroom remodel project is slowly drawing to a close....have had the mirror and shelf up for a week or so now. Tom is touching up painting....and now it is on to replacing the garage door project. But that means moving a lot of things around because some of the shelving (which was already in the house when we bought it) needs to be permanently or temporarily removed. And that means that digging out the junk room to turn it back into the "office" will come to a standstill while a lot of that stuff gets put into there for awhile...argh!!!
Speaking of socks, you ought to see the great Alligator? Crocodile? socks I bought from the Childrens Hospital/Oakland gift shop last week. They are so cool! Looks like the croc is eating up your leg...

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