Thursday, February 28, 2008

Philisophical Rantings

Did you know that I have finally come to realize something? Yes, laws are not made for the safety and well being of citizens....they apparently are truely made to be broken....teenagers are right....

You know - red lights don't mean stop and wait for the green....they mean, stop and if nothing can or will hit you, then go!

And what were bike lanes made for? Not bike riders - and especially not those "professional" bike riders - you know, the ones that wear those really silly looking clothes and travel in packs? Yeah - talk to the hand if you think that THEY are supposed to stay in the bike lane and away from cars! HA!

And those are just the two most recent things that irritated me! Oh yeah, what about the person in the 'luxury car' who decided they wanted to park in the shade today (cause it is an unimaginable 70 degrees out there) so instead of utilizing the diagonal parking place in the shopping center parking lot - she decided it was ok for her to park horizontal and take up THREE parking spaces so that she got all the shade (I jsut hope my brownies from Panera Bakery didnt suffer too much becuase of that...$^#@$%$^%(@$!$#@%$$$ person.)

Now to the good news....mixed with some oh no! news....the scheduling person just called to tell me they have to reschedule my procedure. The bad news is, I will have to wait another week. The sad news is it is becuase the really good mammo tech quit. Now the good news is - the Tuesday it is now scheduled for is Spring Break and I dont have to worry about someone filling in for me!

Went to Mervyns cause I wantd to get a bracelet they had advertised for sale - a silver cuff that states LIVE LOVE LAUGH. Cause that is one of my philosphies. But they didnt have it (probably becuase I decided I wanted to get a bunch of them for presents...LOL). But I am wearing one that is now my total philosophy and one that I hope everyone adopts: CELEBRATE LIFE. Cause that is what is all about folks.

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