Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Isnt it interesting - that when you need something done to or for your body - everyone elses schedule takes precedence over yours?

2 weeks ago I saw the MD who stated I need to have the stereoptic breast biopsy done.
A week after that I started calling the office to see why I hadnt heard anything about scheduling it. And the office person was very very nice - an very upset that I hadnt heard anything. So she said she would call.

Days pass, and it is Tuesday after that Thursday call to the office. Still havent heard anything. So I call the office back to see who to call. Call that person - and they dont have the doctor's schedule yet or the assistant's. But they should get it Tuesday or Wednesday.

So today I get the call. And of course it is on a day I cannot miss out on work - it is the first day of orientation for the next rotation of students! I have no substitute. So I turn it down initially even tho the scheduler is surprised - becuase she "thought I would want it done as soon as possible". I did refrain from asking her why it then took almost 2 weeks to get back to me...

So I thought and thought and called her back to tell her I changed my mind...I would work something out...while I was leaving her a message on her voicemail....the doctor's office called me. To scold me for turning down the appt. and also to ask why they would be calling the doctor's office about it?

well, while I was talking to the doctor's office, the scheduler called me back.

So here I am trying to call in some favors to cover part of my orientation schedule (which I will re-do in order to only have to have someone administer a test or whatever) because the doctor only has that one time slot that month.

Hopefully that means he is really good at what he does becuase he does it all the time....

But this is also at the hospital I work at where the motto is "service excellance" - HA!!!!

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