Well, I have surpassed my minimum goal for my walk - thanks to a co-worker who apologized for her 'small' donation! Made me laugh when I saw it - I thought it was very substantial!
Still trying to raise money for a very awesome day.

My junkmail account has been compromised. So I am trying to get rid of it by changing things to another email address. Some are important enough to go to my personal email - but I want another junk mail acct and I jsut cannot think of a name for it - any suggestions?

The rian has stopped I believe - hubby it at jury duty - I have a day off - and it is all MINE now! whoooeee! First time in months! And of course before he goes he tells me that so-and-so will be dropping something off for him - and someone is coming by to look at a job to make a bid and I need to be home for I will be leaving momentarily to do some ME errands!

Have my bra almost done - well, knit except for the straps. So now I want to find some breast cancer charms to decorate it - and I cannot find any! Typical. Am going to try another store in a few moments and see if they have any. Then I have a few more stores to try....

It is so fun to see our new bookshelves and mantel coming along in the driveway next door. Our neighbor is a carpenter - who actually started out as a cabinet maker - and he is a true artist.
I cant wait till they are in place. But before that the fireplace needs to be tiled and my hubby doesnt think he can do it now with his knee problem (which is much better after the cortisone shot). So that is who is coming over this afternoon to look at the job - a friend of son's.....

And then, if it stops raining long enough, maybe we can get started on our garden. Hubby planted 2 topsy turvey's this week - a cherry tomato and a bell pepper. But the pepper plant doesnt look healthy at all......He also planted 6 strawberry plants - which, considering where he planted them, I think will turn into a buffet for the squirrels. Oh, and after years of wanting a watermelon - and hubby saying "no, there isnt enough room" - guess what he bought and planted? Yep, a watermelon....

Talk about feeling All American. I saw in the paper today that the 191st Army Band will be doing a concert here on July 3d. Thought about talking it over with hubby - but when I went to the site and saw that the tickets are FREE - I just went ahead and got them! That should really put us into a 4th of July mood! Hmmm, now I just hope I am off that weekend....

Harry Connick Jr is going to be here in September for the Wente concert series. Wouldnt mind going to hear him. But I think we are on vacation then - and I am sure he will sell out quickly.


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