I wanna go back!

I am soooooo cold! I cant believe that jsut 2 days ago I was sitting by a pool and sweating to death! And I think that is why I am so cold - such a change in weather.

Oh, I wish we had gone to Hawaii! But we went to Disneyland in the 5th week of their Spring Break busy-ness. But it was the only chance to use up some DVC points before they expired and it was nice. We got on every ride we wanted - some more than once. Ate some favulous food....the filet mignon at Blue Bayou was soooooooooooo tender you could have cut it with your fork! And It literally melted in your mouth! And rested at pool side soaking up sun.....Sigh, it was nice.
Look at what is coming to California Adventure! No, not old guys.....the Red lIne trolley cars are coming....eventually.

Must be spring time cause there were baby ducks in the Castle ponds!

I knew I could get him to wear his Geezer slippers eventually....

See? It was sunny and hot! And all the umbrellas were already taken. This was the 2d day we were at the pool. The first day we suffered in the sun because they wouldnt raise the umbrella's because there was a "high wind advisory"....even tho it was for the night before and that AM...and there was not even the smallest breath of a breeeze....by the time they went around raising the umbrellas our section was already in the shade and we didnt need them any more!
Interesting to sit around the pool and watch the attitudes of so many parents. Clearly posted were the "No Lifeguards on Duty Signs" as well as the signs that the spa was not to be used by children withou supervision. And yet here were little kids, many of them who should have been the life vests and werent, and many who were in - who appeared to think the spa was jsut another pool for jumping in and diving in, and swimming under water. And no parents in sight....
Oh well, will have some more photos up soon. Just wanted to whine about the wind and the cold after 4 days in the sun & fun!


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