Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

For some reason, Blogger or the Internet is not letting me post all the Easter photos I wanted. So here are some of them.

The little-est guy - after eating - with pierogies and all wiped thru his hair. But I dont see chocolate on him so this must be before dessert. He was tired but still a happy guy.
The oldest, fanning, well, the oldest. After he was done cooking all the pierogies and we were waiting for the asparagus to steam and the sausage to cook.

Another shot of the little guy.

The middle child - middle children are very special people. He was hiding from me so I wouldnt take his photo - ha ha ha!

I cant believe how big he has gotten. 7 years old and look at him stretched out here. Seems like jsut a week or two ago he was the little elf baby.
The photos I cant upload are from the indoor egg hunt. It was very cold and windy yesterday - and pouring down rain. All the boys went to see the new Dragon movie, while mommy, and the baby and I went looking at bikes.
It is pouring again today. Hopefully it will be nice in Southern Ca since we are going to visit Mickey tomorrow and come back Friday. Dont really care how busy it is - we are using up points before we lose them, and since we were there twice last year, not really necessary to hit all the rides - jsut take it easy and be lazy! Hot tub time I hope! And hopefully we dont feel any aftershocks after yesterday's earthquake!
Missed our other grandkids but saw photos of them and it looks like they had fun which is good!

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