Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend and blather

What is it and left knees in this family? My daughter just called and apparently she 'did a mom' last night and fell chasing a suspect - when she didnt see the low chain link fence! Makes me think of a story she once laughed at - when my cousin was a cop and he didnt see the chain across the driveway.....anyway I guess her wrist is pretty sore and her knee is banged up....

This was something I have never seen before. This was at the Joe DiMaggio (or as my hubby calls him - 'cugino') Playground in SF North Beach. And they are playing soccer on inline skates!
My favorite church in SF on Washington Square. I think it is so beautiful - yet I dont think I have ever been in it before. And arent these hollyhocks gorgeous? You dont see them much anymore.

My SIL's grandfather was one of the owners of this restuarant in SF. Decided to take some photos for my grandsons.

The topsy-turvey cherry tomatoe plant is doing well. The bell pepper not so well. But I heard that farmers int he area are complaining that so much rain is preventing them from planting their bell peppers so I think all the rain has caused our to rot. Saw some heirloom tomatoes today that I am dying to get and plant!

New basil plant. Had some spaghetti and fresh tomato dish last night that was so like the one we make but they use fresh basil in it and I think that is what made the difference. So we will try it that way this year!
Replacment parsley - curly and flat.

A columbine plant - such a pretty plant. Dont recall ever seeing them for sale before - must not ever have noticed.

Well, hubby was going to get a compost bin for Fathers Day - was going to have to order one cause we couldnt find one to buy like he wanted. Today we found it ($50 less than the one I was going to order!!!).

One of the two planters our front that I pplanted with pansies. I love pansies. They are such a happy plant.
Got the stove pulled out, and the bricks cleaned off. Son's friend comes tomorrow to re-tile. We are still waiting on the wall mount that we ordered. And I think our shelves and mantel are pretty close to done - the neighbor was going to finish sanding them yesterday and take them to be sprayed. I think he is perplexed that we dont want them stained. But the LR/DR/kitchen are on the dark side of the house so I prefer light wood for those rooms. My very favorite wood is cherry - but even the light cherry might have been too dark (and besides, way too expensive). I cant wait for all that to be done.
Then we work on new LR furniture. I wanted a small couch and 2 recliner chairs - now hubby is talking about another recliner couch! Geez. After that we will think about some window treatments.
I scheduled myself on a summer schedule (I think it is July) to do a dreaded 4 day in a row. Yikes. But it will give me mucho days off to hopefully paint the bedroom. And then we can decide on wood (wide ones) blinds or wood shutters. And then maybe finally get the upstairs 'office' done.
Wonder how much of this we will finally finish???
And if it ever stops raining (they are calling for more rain this week) we can get to work on the garden. And some time or other work on the back yard in general.

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