The Old Men In My Life

Last week the above old man and I went to Sutter Creek CA for a shot, but nice, vacation. That is a photo of him being patient with me while I poke around some store...

The evening after we got home we discovered something wrong with the other old man in my life.

Jack is a rescue dog. The local rescue group literally grabbed him off "the" table before he was euthanized. He was adopted out to a family with a farm after which it was discovered he was not the best dog for a farm.....he loved to chase cows!

So back to the rescue group he went. And then hubby picked him out. We took him home and discovered he probably has ADHD!! But we love him anyway and he has been in our family for oh, maybe 10 -12 years. Not sure how old he is. He was an adult when we got him. And he was with us thru several passings of his older predecessors.

Dont you love how he is comfy on his bed by his head is on the cool hearth??? LOL

So, long story short, he has anal gland cancer. A very quickly growing cancer. He could have surgery - maybe......after determining whether or not it has metastasized. And after surgery, he would probably have to have chemo and radiation.

Several sites I read said that this could prolong his life.....from a couple of weeks to maybe 3 years. And more often than not, the cancer comes back (and yes - to the supercilious vet I cannot stand - I was looking only on veterinary sites).

He is an old guy. He has had a lovely life (and he knows it since he has never once tried to run away!!!!!!). And I just cannot see putting him thru the stress and pain of surgery and recovery that will not lengthen his life considerably.

For now he is otherwise healthy - still eating well and still going to the bathroom without difficulty - he had a great time with the grandkids yesterday chasing balls they thru for him. We do need to watch for increasing tiredness - not sure how we will discern that since both my old men are very good at taking random naps!

When the time comes we will treat him with the love and dignity he deserves, and not allow him to suffer needlessly 0 unlike what we as humans do for our human families....


Birdsong said…
Oh, hon, I am so, so sorry! I do know what you mean about knowing your pet has had a good life, but it is still sad to know you can't do much to extend it. He was very lucky to be 'found' by the other old man.

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