Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick Trip to Nevada

Sat AM - very early - we drove to Nevada for Grandson #2 6th birthday party. Pouring rain all the way to....the Nevada border! But very very little traffic so we made it in great time!

Here is the cake my daughter and her SO made - it was a "Zombie" party and they handmade the decorations on the cake!

And they - I think he - made the brain pinata. The one thing I forgot to get a photo of was the zombie decorated bathroom!

They planted seeds - all of which had some type of connection to the theme but I am not really up on that. Also Pin the Brain On The Zombie....and of course, cracking open the pinata which was almost too well made!

More of the decorations my daughter and her SO made.....the papier mache ones and the live ones! LOL

It was fun- nice to see the kids. I know the parents were very exhausted after the party - but it was well worth it - Grandson kept saying how much fun he had at the party!!

The drive home took a little longer - but the weather was better. One part near the Nevada/CA border with bad rain - the rest of the time was maily overcast.

But I know all 3 of us - hubby, me, and Dog! - were tired afterwards and I was very thankful I did not have to work today!!!

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MLJ1954 said...

What a great and fun theme for a party. I especially liked the brain pinata.