Saturday, June 25, 2011

County Fair

OK, I admit it.....I love the County Fair. And the Alameda County Fair is an awesome Fair - 99 years old this year! My only complaint is....the food. Not so good....

Grew up attending the Monterey County Fair. It was always so awesome to me. But sadly it has grown smaller and smaller over the years. USe to have the Horse Show with it - lots of big names appeared there - it was big (ok, so I was a little girl and it probably wasnt as big as it seemed to me). But the food was awesome and still is - altho I miss the Castroville HS fried artichoke trailer! Yummmmmmmm

So here are some shots from the Alameda Fair this year...

This is kinda how I felt at the end of the day. Done in. But it was a great day - the weather was perfect - the kids were great.

So I am partial to hairy animals cause I am a knitter. But ya gotta admit these area a great looking trio!

The baby goats in the Petting Zoo were so much fun. They were soft to pat. And this one kept falling asleep in the oddest positions!

Kaia got to feed a bottle to a baby!

And so did big brother Owen.

Actually got to pet a Wallaby - there were two and this one was the most shy but the most photogenic.

The llama was awesome. So patient. I dont think he ever moved more than open andshut his eyes (they don't drug them, do they???) I found something out. Right between the ears is THE softest lace to pat them. In the background you can see Connor, Owen, and Jack. Didnt have time to take many photos when I was in there alone with Luke.

Gosh - dont we often feel like everyone is just walking all over us??? All the baby goats seemed to think this pig was sleeping there just for them to play King of the Mountain on! And it was ok with him, all he did was open his eyes occasionally!

Luke wanted to "see a cow - see a cow - see a cow". So, shhh, dont tell him she wasnt real. As soon as he saw her and rang her bell, he was satisfied!

Saw this shortly after we got there. Meant to go back later and check to see if anyone was buying. I was disappointed - never did see the fried butter or the tacos on a stick (didnt look too hard either) and was curious to see what deep fried peaches were like but resisted...

They always find the lego table.... I had fun watching the solar powered cars and bugs!

Is this cake awesome or what???!!!! Kaia told her mom this is what she wanted for her birthday.....dont hold your breath Kaia! LOL

As always, lots of awesome quilts. And I didnt take photos of them all! Loved this one - if you look closely enough you will see the flower petals are actually embroidered words.

No prizes this year....sigh, I am slipping....well, except for the free fair ticket you get for entering! I wanted to spend more time looking cause I only saw one other pair of hand knit socks (and that one - rightly so - won a prize but not first prize). I am not sure about the judges this year. I saw a lot of things that justly won prizes but a lot of things that did not win. There were everal AWESOME knit hats - and the one that won as a plain stockinette knit but was kool aid dyed yarn - the ones that didnt win had cables, lace etc. Whats up with that????

This was what you saw as you walked in the front door. The sock monkey display with this huge monkey which appears to be hand knit!!! Kinda scarey.....


CatS said...

Hi there,

I saw your post and I just thought I'd say yup, that giant sock monkey was knitted by hand on knifty knitter looms, I got from Michaels and Walmart. Took me about 10 months. All the shaping; the head, tail, butt, lips, thighs, muzzle, was done on the looms too. They're pretty versatile. :)

Sharon said...

I love being part of a fair. I grew up with the East San Diego County Fair and just put entries into my closest fair, the Nevada County Fair. I'm going to mail my entries to a friend who will take them in for me.