Friday, June 17, 2011


See this man? I am so proud of him! And aggravated too. He knew I have hated the color of our bedroom since it was last painted. I have been saying "let's repaint" for years now.....This spring he said ok, lets do it. Took a month but we finally found a color. Then we were going to get going but he got some respiratory crud that hung on forever. So finally this week we (he!) has been doing it. He gave me the respiratory crud somehow - weeks after he got rid of it. But till, we cleaned out and prepped the bedroom on Monday and Tuesday. Then I worked on Wed and he did the ceiling and he was ready to quit it killed his shoulders and neck so much. But - ah hem! - not too badly to play golf on Thursday!

So today I took a class and he has been finishing it up. It is a lot lighter than we both thought, and now he is kicking himself for not priming it as he knew he should but letting the people talk him into primer + paint in one....but it is getting done.

Now, I didnt think of this...but when he went to paint the ceiling he encased our closet doors in plastic. Which meant Thursday I had no way to get clean socks for work (thank goodness for my emergency pair in my locker) or any shoes except my decrepit house/yard birkies for class today!!!! Oh welll......

A week ago he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. He was very suspicious for some time....Anyway, the MD has him checking his blood sugars 4x/day. Here is a man who is so deathly afraid of needles he cannot even watch them on TV...but he is manning up and sticking his finger 4 x every day!!! I talked to a dietician at work - and because of that talk we are watching our carbs, and since he is feeling better he is working out to the max. A week after his diagnosis - he has the majority of his blood sugars in the 90's!!!!!

The doc had already ordered pills for him but I told him not to take them with his sugars that low - he needs to talk to the MD about it first.

On our way to Nevada - did we take a wrong turn somewhere and end up back in PA???

My other handsome guy in my life....on our trip to (or from - I am not sure) to Nevada.

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