Friday, June 10, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

So today I dropped off my 2 lame projects for the County Fair. Oh well, it is all good cause it gets me a free ticket into the Fair! I scrapped the vest. I really hate knitting with cotton and dont know why I tried it.It came out to fit a short but very wide kiddo...

Hubby has been diagnosed with what is probably pre-diabetes. Even the dietitian wasnt sure why the MD has him testin ghis lood sugars......but he is. The MD also was supposed to call in some drugs - one of which I am curious to see cause I do not understand why for that - but there were none at the drugstore. So we are following the advice of the dietician - and we are counting carbs. I figure it cant hurt me since I so obviously need to lose weight too. Plus I cant pig out in front of him - just not fair. I will save my "cheating" for when I am at work! LOL

It was time that I could upgrade my phone. Remember, I drowned mine and was using hubby's. He convinced me to get a fancy one - I think he wants to use it too!!! So we talked and talked and talked with the guys at RadioShack.....and decided there is no way in hell I am spending several hundred dollars on a phone - utterly ridiculous. So decided the iPhone 3G was the way to go.....but turned out they did not have any in stock...neither did the other store or any around. So I got an Android.

They are Called Smart Phones for a reason - this one is outsmarting me! I have gotten phone numbers installed. And I discovered the calendar is much easier to use than any phone ones I have ever had before. Now I jsut need to sync my hands free device (finally found where to do it - had found it before and lost it - now hopefully I wont lose it again).

Hear a lot of talk about Apps. So I tried to download Kindle.....apparently AT&T doesnt support the Kindle - crap. So I was looking at other free apps - and I jsut cannot figure out how to do it. Gotta get someone savvy to show me how....

Went to see Super 8 today. Now we already went to the gym this AM but I got my workout watching tis movie - I jumped so many times I think hubby was hysterical!! But it was very good - very suspenseful.

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