Friday, April 6, 2012


RIP old frenemy.....Woke up to this strange sight....which meant we had to run and check out what the real time was. Am very glad it wasnt a work day. Anyway, after all that we were definitely wide 0500. Even earlier than if I had to work. I was early to my mammogram appt. so I got taken in before the first appt of the day. And then off to run the errands we needed to get done for this weekend.
Guess we will be shopping for a new alarm clock next week - tried to remember when we got this. Might possibly be around 20 years old!
See those lovely objects? I won those! And that bath fizzy spells soooooo yummy I cant wait to use it! Anyway, these wonderful items came from Sandlapper Soaps so be sure to check them out - especially the awesome soap sack they have...
Tomorrow is the day I do NOT look forward to...followed by the day I do look forward to. Got the filling made today; will go the market tomorrow to get the asparagus. And then we will start making the pierogies. We have improved the technique over the years but it is still exhausting. But oh boy, will they taste good Sunday!!
While we were at the Polish store getting the sausage we picked up some poppy seed roll that is so fresh and good - yum!
I am reading a really good book from the library - "If Today Be Sweet" by Thrity Umhigar. I recommend it to everyone. Very interesting.
We have some babies peeking their heads up - yup, the radish and a couple of other of the seeds we planted are breaking thru the dirt! And the corn is going bonkers! I think they have tripled their size already!
This is one of the 3 times a year that I wish we had a second refrigerator. Even just a smaller apartment sized one. Just do not have the energy or gumption to make the pierogies on the same day we will eat them. So we make them the day before and of course they have to be refrigerated....along with the sausage etc. While we were in Concord for the sausage we stopped by an estate sale - and of course we were not driving the truck - and they had 2 refrigerators for sale - IF they worked, they were probably among the most reasonably priced items there....oh well...

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