Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter is over - Vacation Begins!

Pumkins and green beans...

Pierogies! 105 of them! Thank goodness over the years we have gotten things down to a science - and every year we come up with yet another idea to make life easier....Now it takes a few minutes on Friday - and maybe 2 hours on Saturday instead of all day long....we bless my Kitchen Aid every year!
My daughter made a Rice Krispy Lambie Cake....years ago when the kids were little I would make a Lambie Cake for Easter. The pan got banged up over the years, and some years it came out better than others. But frequently it looked drunk when I tried to put the two halves together - and you often had to watch out for toothpicks! I would even dye coconut green for the 'grass' for it to sit in. Eventually the pan was in such bad shape it got tossed out. And then a couple of years ago my daughter found a pan and surprised us with a lambie cake!
Easter egg hunt with 3/5s of the grand kids. Missing the other 2 this year - but we will see them in 5 months! I cant wait...
Off to Cambria for a couple of days. Who cares if it rains?! I actually love stormy coastal days....we will do (yet another) tour at Hearst Castle....and know where we want to eat but otherwise - no plans - just fun!
And then home again - and next week on my days off, time to get serious about digging out the hoarder room!

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Hippywitch said...

Looks like a fun Easter :-) Love the lamb cake! Have fun!
Lori xx