Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Monday

Forgot to get a photo of his arm....but this is what a 'wed pospicle' looks like when it is all gone!
First time I have seen him play this year - and he did a great job fielding balls hit his way - he needs to work on his throwing arm but did a great job of paying attention and stopping the ball!
He played catcher - which is almost a silly position in Little League at this point when there is a coach there actually doing the catching...nbut he does have pretty good form!
Had several days off in a row which was lovely. Got to the gym quite a few times which always makes me feel good - afterwards! Couple of very hot days expecially for April.
The worst was Saturday - very hot. and we went to help daughter with the boys. The little one had his first birthday party to go to - the first time when HE was the invited guest and not the tag along! So hubby and I went to be with the older boys for their Little League photos - stood around a hot field for about an hour or so.....then went to their games.
It was opening day and they had programs for all the games - and announcers and all. It was really fun. Great to see how the older boy is doing - he got a hit every time at bat and really paid attention to the game. He has really come a long way since last year. But he is so hard on himself....but oh it was so hot.....hardly any shade....and I think we really got dehydrated no matter how much water we drank.
Daughter took middle son to his game and we went after the older one's game was over. At least there was shade there! And it was only an hour game - but we got to see him bat (he got a hit WITHOUT using the tee!) and he did so good fielding...
Sunday hubby roto-tilled the garden - hopefully growing those plants really helped the soil. Today we got the tomatoes, the corn, and 3 of the cukes planted. Didnt realize we had so many cuke plants - have 4 more to plant! And the beans, bell pepper, watermelons, pumpkins, eggplant, carrots, radishes.....But we planted the ones that were out growing their pots and seem hardy enough to stand up to the weather right now...the rest will stay in the greenhouse just a little longer - we will get some more planted at the end of the week.
Back to work tomorrow....I love my job, I really do, but I am really loving my days off more and more!!
Have had to switch old dog to canned food. She was off her feed and I realized that she did well on human food but not so well on her dry food. I think her teeth are getting bad - and I am not about to get dentures for a dog - LOL! So we tried some freeze dried food and she didnt really like it, just tolerated it. But she is liking the canned food (gag! I HATE the smell!) and we mix it with the dry food and she is eating well again.
Came up with an idea for my bra design for my walk! Cannot believe I have recieved over $300 in contributions! Anyone else want to contribute - please go to and click on 'support a walker'. Thank you!
Wondering what our weather is going to be like on vacation - hot or snow?

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