Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fun Saturday

It started off nice and early heading to Walnut Creek - supposed to be cooler today but still sunny. Gonna watch Connor and Jack at a swim meet.

Oh the memories - so many years of swim meets - indoors and out. Heat (and humidity) and cold.....chlorine and sunblock....oranges..... More fun when you are not responsible for a swimmer! LOL

 Of course I rushed off without my camera. So only got a couple of photos with my phone - Jack is still doing 25s so was able to get him on the starting block - Connor is doing 50s so my camera jsut couldnt do that one
Luke collected rollie pollies (AKA pill bugs) and played with them along with his friends.

Did some errands ont he way home - grocery store and the nursery. Then decided to take my Christmas present out for her inaugural ride! IT WAS FUN!!!

But it is really windy out today and there was this long section where the wind was hitting us head on - that made riding difficult! And since she is just a Cruiser, the few hills were killers.....but it made up for not getting to the gym today!

We were just wandering around on bike trails - saw some houses and yards I fell in love with - there were times I wasnt even sure where we were! Hubby thinks we did about 5 miles - I know I was sweating when we got home!

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