Sunday, December 28, 2014

 She may be tiny, but she is mighty!

 Beautiful table runner from Sharon!

 My husband surprised me with this Disney bracelet.....the 2 Frozen charms are from my middle child!
 And these are from the oldest......
 Christmas dinner with children, grand children, in laws and cousins.....
 Ah a photo of Lexie with the Santa cap on!
 A parade of the pillowcases I made for the grands....

 The bike she picked out! Santa knew somehow she wanted this more than the BMX she asked for!

 Beautiful present from Bernie
 My granddaughter did some wonderful shopping for her brother/parents/grandparents at the Santa Secret Workshop at school.....she picked out this beautiful bracelet for me!
 Beautiful present from my Secret Santa at work - thank you Eloisa!
 Here is the finished watermelon sock (with hubby's crutches in background)

 We got lucky at an estate sale in Carmel.....hubby got more than $800 worth of his Dept 56 village for less than $200
 Thanksgiving 2014

All the pillowcases, including the 2 cardinal ones for friends

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