Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wow - Baby Its Windy Outside!

I went out to get Magical Chicken Soup for hubby for dinner.....only to find the restaurant closed. :-(
So ..... I guess there will be no last minute cures! Funny to hear him without a voice!

The temperature gauge in my car said 50 - 48 degrees......but it felt soooooo much colder. Because of the wicked winds we are having! The dogs are not happy with all the winds - and Imust say they are making me a bit nervous too.

Hubby has his post-op appt today. You know, where we (and the insurance) pay a large amt of money to do something I could do but husband wouldnt let me - take out his 4 stitches! But the surgeon showed up the photos he took of his knee - very interesting. And he was very pleased with husband's progress. Said he could start going to short walks - and after next week go back to the gym to do some stationary bike riding and elliptical. Said call him in 4 - 5 weeks if any problems - otherwise - good luck!

I have been reading some blog post and discovered the idea of picking a word to live by for the year. I stopped doing resolutions long time ago - but this was an idea that resonated with me. One person said to have the word engraved on a necklace so that you have it with you all year long. Dont know about that - maybe a charm for a bracelet or a keychain? (here is one site that talks about this idea:

I thought of several words......all of which would be very good things for me to concentrate on: gratitude....kindness.....PATIENCE.....tolerance.....but what I want to pay attention to in 2015 and concentrate on is HEALTH.....

Physical health yes, but not just physical health....mental and emotional and spiritual health also. Reading about the minimalist movement - a movement I greatly admire but know that I jsut would never be able to achieve it - and how organization and simplification can bring spiritual health. I do try to think several times about things - and decide whether or not I WANT an item or NEED an item.  It has kept my shoe buying in check.....maybe not my yarn buying altho I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time I physically was in a yarn store!......and even book buying (well, I dont go to book stores as frequently as I use to but....)

I am slowly weeding things out....read a book and it is out of the house. Try and use yarn that I have before I buy new yarn (altho there are times I just need the yarn for a specific project). Finish up UFOs in between other projects.....weed thru the clothing I never ever wear (which I need to do again).

I am waiting for the two cami's I ordered from my friend - who I am meeting with on Sunday to discuss fundraising for my 8th? Annual Breast Cancer Walk. I am excited about that. The clothing line looks similar to the types of clothing I like.....and the prices arent too outrageous. Take a look at www.rubyribbon.com/lindadevelbiss and you will see what I mean. This is a local company which is very supportive of breast cancer. I jsut hope I can get enough orders to make it worth her while!

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