Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank you for a lovely Christmas!

 These to were allowed to open these on Christmas Eve - and immediately ran upstairs to put them on!
 From a friend - not pictured is the wonderful homemade toffee she makes every year (because it is all gone!)
 From another friend
 The beautiful bracelet my grand daughter bought for me at the Santa Shopping at school~
 yes he is wierd....but we love him anyway.....the Walking Dead pillowcase I made for him
 And the Princess pillowcase I made for her (you can see that they immediately put those on their pillows!)

 He recieved a Star Wars pillowcase....
 And Batman of course....
and soccer one to go with the Liverpool soccer team pajamas

 The Nabozny + Emelson gang.....our 5 grandkids and their 4 cousins on Christmas Day
 and here are the adults
 Present from oldest DD
 My surprise Disney bracelet.....the two Frozen charms are from middle child DD#2

 I meant to get a photo of this when it turned to 100,000 and totally missed it - our 2001 Toyota Tundra
 a beautiful table runner made by another friend
my first box of stash reductions being mailed off next week - to a program in Northern that works with Native Americans - they make gift boxes to give to the pregnant moms - this is a blanket - 5 pairs of bootees, and 5 semi-matching baby caps

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