Friday, November 2, 2007

Still here

Still freaking out about this the heck am I supposed to write a knowledgeable APA formatted paper under duress????? Is this really worth it?????

Daughter jsut called me and the work MD is referring her to an orthopedic MD. In college she had to have knee surgery - they thought it was a bad meniscal tear but the MRI didnt show that. They went in and jsut had to trim it up and all. Well, she was at CMT training (Crowd Management Team) and did some kind of exercise or maneauver and it didnt feel so now after a week + of light duty, exercise, icing and all, they need to really check it out and see if she damaged it more. Bummer.

And I jsut saw where they took that Philly cop off life support and he died yesterday. The one who was shot in the head. That makes me shudder. Even if I didnt have a daughter and son-in-law in law enforcement, I still dont understand why the badge makes people a target even before they do or say anything. Sick sick people. My heart goes out to that family and to the Philadelphia Police Department. I hope someone finds that ***hole....maybe anonymously in a dark alley...

Stress is such a lovely thing...wakes me up at 0300 every morning with thoughts of this paper running thru my head. I still cant come up with a decent opener and closer...what does it matter anyway unless I can memorize that and actually remember it on that stress filled morning???

I did manage to get a decent nights sleep the last 2 nights but only cause we are so busy at work. Apparently Halloween and lots of candy result in preemies being born...of course, the fact that the Auxillary had set up their Holiday Bazaar in the lobby and we all wanted to go shopping yesterday probably had something to do with it too!!! (Why are medical people so superstitious?? Wonder if I can get a grant and do a study on that?)

BUT....good news!!!We finally have our new light up in the bathroom! And the wall switches actually work correctly after being replaced! Instead of playing head games with us - either one will turn the light on and turn it off...But we have 2 holes in the ceiling where the old lights were that hubby will have to close up this weekend....and I might shower upstairs in the wee hours of the morning until he does. Why? Cause there is a hunk of fluffy stuff on the bathroom rug that wasnt there before I ran an errand and is there could it have come out of the attic space if it wasnt pushed out? And I dont really want to meet what might have pushed it out in the dark hours of the morning....

So now we just have to finish painting the ceiling after the holes are filled in and put the mirror up and it will FINALLY BE DONE....that one week project started back in June....

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Bea said...

OH! I am sending good health vibes your daughters way. I hope nothing more is wrong with her!

I think your right about the police. Its such a hard job and I'm so thankful for them because I wouldn't want to be in that position everyday.

I came over to thank you for visiting my blog and entering my contest. I'm wishing you luck, in the contest and on your paper!