Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quite a January

Dear friends found out recently that they are going to have their first grandchild in the fall...I am so happy for them becuase being a grandparent is such a joy! Of course, I am hoping it is a girl since they raised 3 sons!

And then yesterday we found out the mother of a close friend died Sunday. She has been in declining health for a couple of years and it has been quite a strain on our friend, especially since she was the only girl in the family. I know her mother is finally at peace and I hope our friend and her family will find peace when all this is over with.

And yesterday I found out grandchild #5 will arrive in the fall! WOW! As my hubby said - he always wanted lots of grandkids - but the more that arrive, the older we feel!!! Everyone, except my daughter, is hoping for a girl....but we will see. The boys are joy too!

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