Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Goodbye to another member of the older generation

Another friend has lost their father. It is sad. How many of that generation are leaving us - hopefully we will all remember the lessons they taught us. Julio was such a good man. Such a kind and friendly man. We will all miss him.

But now for some more complaints....besides wearing pajamas all day long, and all night long, out in public...pajamas with slippers even! What has given men the idea that they do not have to be courteous enough to remove their hats and caps while at the table? My son and husband can testify....the meal does not start if there is a cap on their heads. Come in, stay a while, eat - you dont have to shovel it in within seconds and run out the door! Take your jacket off, and your cap and relax and enjoy the food and company! Respect the other people at the table with you...

Spring is coming - the season of change! The sun is out - not as windy as it was - but boy, allergy season is starting early this year. Next week I will be saying a temporary goodbye to my current crop of students, and the week after, I will be welcoming in the new crop!

And I am really confused given the fact that we change our clocks NEXT WEEKEND! This year really has me, and my watch, confused....the first 4 days of this month, my watch reset itself to read the date as 1!

And oh boy, lots of changes in my philosophy of life this year. Looks like Hilary (Bill) Clinton is going to win the nominatin after all. And it cracks me up - what kind of ego does she have when people are publicly stating that they are voting for BILL again and not HER? Anyway - always swore I would vote for the first woman running for President...and I just cant do that. AND...Emily dont choke here...this might be the first year ever that I am 'forced' to vote Republican. Even tho I dont agree with that choice, that would be the only way to make sure my vote counts AGAINST Clinton. Altho, looking back over the years, I cannot remember when the last time the candidate I voted for actually won!

Maybe next time, I will run for President. After all, I will have more than 35 years experience....of being married! OH but wait, I dont have the other two qualifications - I have never slept with a President and I have never slept in the White House....or even traveled for free around the world .... guess I dont have as many qualifications as I thought...

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