Monday, October 27, 2008

Go Phillies!

What a weekend for Philadelphia - the Eagles won and so did the Phillies!

Am glad I am not sitting there watching the game tonight tho - with the chill in the air and the rain - nope - not for me! But hopefully they are more use to the weather than Tampa Bay!

I am all in favor of small business. If possible, I will buy from a mom/pop store before a big chain one, even knowing I might have to pay a few dollars more for the item. Last week I went to my LYS and saw some pretty cashmerino yarn - kept trying to remember what the pattern was that I was thinking about it. Of course, I remembered when I got home - a baby cap! Only needed one ball of it!

So today I went back and decided on what color. I was a little disappointed in the limited color choices, so I went online to look at what colors are in the line. And I felt a bit betrayed when I found out that I pretty much paid $3 more for this one skein than other places charged for! And I am talking about other LYS as well as online stores. In fact, price wise with one online store I paid $4 more! And if you factor in gas + time compared to shipping - there is not necessarily that much difference.

I like this LYS so I will keep shopping there. But I will also - the next time I fall for some yarn - do some comparison shopping first!

I have a recert class and test on Wed that I am not looking forward to - keep your fingeres crossed for me people!

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