More photos of the inhabitants

See our morning alarm clock up there? Every morning, and thru out most of the day we could hear him ...except for our last morning there. Guess he knew we were leaving and no longer worthy of his attention!
Oh by the way, this is the view outside our bedroom. Would have been the pool. Instead it is this lovely fence. But I also must say - they did not start work at the crack of dawn as we feared! Usually no working noise until about 9 AM.
Arent they adorable? Most of the birds we saw were not original natives of Hawaii. But from other countries. These red headed cardinals are originally from South America.
And here are my namesakes....and the Hawaiian state bird. The Nene geese. They must be very monogamous and territorial.. If any other pairs came over into their territory, they would chase them off. Never really heard them honk - they would hiss, and groan, and moan, and purr. And were always very interested in my toes. I think if we had left the screen door open, they would have made themselves at home inside our place! Oh yes, they are descendants from Canadian geese....

I dont know exactly what this guy is. You cant truly appreciate his beautiful green and yellow coloring in this photo - but he moves so quickly this was the best shot I could get! We were told he wasnt poisonous, but you know what - every time he moved I jumped far away!!!!


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