More vacation

Our snorkeling gear! No photos of us in the water, so this is the only proof that we went snorkeling....except for the embarassingly bad sunburns we got! Apparently we spent much more time in the water than we thought - and we paid the price. Reminder to self - need to get some sort of swim shirt if I want to snorkel more....

Our spot in the shade - which didnt help mych - at Lydgate Beach

Proof that we actually did get to enjoy the top down in our convertible!

Found a mess of these under a tree at Lydgate Beach. No one seems to know what they are - I thought they looked like candy corn so I took a photo of one since we were there in October!

One of the caves near Kee Beach. This one is posted no swimming or exploring.

Yeah they are everywhere...and I am STILL hungry for fried chicken! Our guide on the movie tour said they are not worth eating cause they are so stringy and no fat....hmmm, and how would he know??????????

Just a Hawaii photo op from the Lydgate Beach looking into the mountains


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