Tying it all up

The last day Tom thought he was going to go back to the Kauai Products Fair after golf, and buy me a necklace that I liked. What he didnt know was that I already had gone back and bought it for myself. So we did some driving around. Drove along Annini Beach - rumor has it that it was originally Wannini Beach until someone shot off the W becuase they thought it was mis spelled. Beautiful beach - some gorgeous house there....and this. Pieces of a car - doors and trunk - arrange around some rocks. ??????

View looking down the cliffs from the walk up to the lighthouse.

A church built from lava rock.

A Kauia sunrise

Hibiscus flowers from the gardens at the Lihue airport....yes, we had some time to kill....

Another view fromt he walk up to the lighthouse

Taro fields outside of Hanalei

Kauia sunrise the morning we were leaving....

Tree tunnel on the road to Koloa

So we got home on time....none of the planes were late. And had to figure out when to go to bed - we were tired from the flights but our bodies were still on Hawaii time! So didnt got to bed until after midnight our time.

The next day had to pick up a very tired and subdued dog from the kennel. Plus I think he lost a little weight while we were gone. Am sure he didnt eat or sleep much!

That night we went to see Chazz Palmientieri do his one man show A Bronx Tale in SF. Very interesting - funny - touching. Had a lovely Italian meal before hand. And got home around 11:00 PM. Two late nights in a row....

Monday Tom went back to work. I ran errands (no groceries in the house!) and attended my 2 hour mandatory class before I can be a clerk at a polling place in November. I learned a lot of things I never knew - and found out this is the first time in history (I am not sure if they meant in the state or the county alone) that they have a waiting list of people who want to work the polls! Becuase of such a large number of people working they said we would have enough people at each polling place to assure that we get our breaks and meals....that is good cause the day starts at 0600 and doesnt end until 9 - 9:30 PM!!!!!!! And let me tell you, the money is not enough to make this a high demand job!

I will be back to work tomorrow....sigh.....


Bea said…
This looks really lovely.

I wanted to thank you for entering the contest on my blog. The toys aren't scented but the ribs are supposed to have flavor.


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