Waimea Canyon AKA the Grand Canyon of Kauia

Sunday we put the top down on the convertible and drove to the other side of the island to see what we didnt get a chance to see the last time we were here - the Waimea Canyon. We drove thru to the very end. Then headed back and had lunch at the Kokee Lodge.

Sorry, but this Nene got fed that day! Lunch at the lodge was awesome even tho I have never had sweet tasting chili before - and I ordered it with rice becuase that is how I like my chili - and it came with sticky rice! Tom had Portugese sausage soup and we split delicious cornbread (and later wished we had each ordered it!)

It is sick to say - but with all the chickens roaming free on the island - all I wanted to eat this week was chicken! So we used the barbecue grills at the place and grilled some chicken that night for dinner!


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