Saturday, January 17, 2009

Committment + some photos

Is this the sweetest? Miss Kaia - 15 months old - December - food always make her happy!
I wouldnt mind being one of these....I can spend forever watching them soar in the graceful...

Sycamore Grove....where I am doing some of my walking training. I will update this photo as the seasons change. This was taken today - in the midst of winter when we had a 69 degree day...when we should be having rain!!! In May I will be doing a 10K walk for breast cancer - the Bras For The Cause Walk ( and decided I better get up off my keester and start training. Walked the dog once this week. And then today hubby and I went for a walk which we had to cut short to go to a movie (Valkyrie - not a Tom Cruise fan at all, but a very good movie). Did a little over 4 miles in 1 hour so think I will be able to finish the 6.2 miles in 2 hours! Hopefully we will go and do this again tomorrow.....if I can move!!!

Isnt that the sweetest face? This is one of my grand-dogs.

Here is Kaia's big brother dinner....

This was MeMaw getting sprayed with silly string at the silly string fight on Christmas Day! No, Connor was not doing the spraying - his Uncle John was the culprit!
Our youngest - imitating an elf - Luke and his mom stayed with me while older brothers, dad, and Papa went to see Walking With The Dinosaurs again.

No one knows - or remembers - who set these guys up to defend our home. But I, for one, appreciate the thought! And so they have stayed there!

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