Dag Nab It!

I cant find where I moved my camera while taking down the decorations! And so that means no photos....just words!

Lots of words cause it has been awhile since I posted.

Christmas was lovely - busy and hectic and noisy. But lovely because the whole family was together. The weather even took a break so that my daughter and her family could get here safely from Nevada - on Tuesday. Owen had a sleep over at his aunties that night so he could play with his cousins. Sounds like he had a good time! And little Miss Kaia looks so cute with her hair trimmed and with bangs (sure wish you could see to agree!!).

Christmas Eve was busy. Last minute errands and all. But John came by and opened gifts with us - along with Katie and her family. It is so much fun watching little ones open gifts! You could literally give them empty boxes and they wouldn't care as long as they could rip the wrapping off!

They went off to bed and we hung up their stockings....which they did not expect as we told them that Santa would probably only fill the stockings they left up at their house.

I worked Christmas Day but was lucky enough - thanks to the cooperation of our patients as well as my fellow co-workers - thanks Jen!!! - to get off early and head over to my other daughter's house. And the nurse I worked with is only an 8 hour worker so she got to leave, which was a blessing since she was sick. And missing all the cooking and prep work! I got there in time to play - and play we did with my son's usual contribution of silly string! The kids loved it! It was a blast!!

And then dinner - and opening presents (or should I say ripping thru presents?).

Friday my daughter and family left to go home. Took them forever - yup, the ski resorts were open and it was a nice long holiday weekend so everyone in the state was going there. But at least the weather cooperated and all they had to worry about was the traffic...

That Sunday I took off to go to a 50th wedding anniversary party. 50 years. You don't see that too often any more! Or at least - 50 years with the same person instead of 2- 25 years! LOL
After that we went to see a movie I did not want to go to - refused to read the book - didn't want to see the movie.....yup, we saw Marley & Me. Identified almost every dog we have every owned, all wrapped up in Marley. And of course I sobbed my way thru the end of that movie...

And then, lucky me, come Tuesday and work....and we are crazy busy and short with one person out on maternity leave...here I am sick again. A repeat of the dastardly cold I got after Thanksgiving. Cant blame it on my grandson this time - so will blame it on my coworker from Christmas Day! Thanks Demi! And I am sure there are lots of people out there right now thanking me! But at work - you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Shouldn't work when you are sick - but boy, if you call in sick too much you get in trouble - and especially on a holiday!!

New Years Eve had slowed down quite a bit - thank goodness! Got off work - went home - had fondue with hubby - and struggled to stay awake until midnight. Poor Dick Clark - the Ageless Boy - the Peter Pan - he has so aged since his stroke but he is still out there trying. Makes me so sad. Mad it till midnight and then off to bed.

The next day one daughter and her family, and son had dinner with us. Prior to that we went to see Bolt at the theater - it was cute!

This past Sat we went to Monterey to exchange gifts and go out to dinner with friends. One of the friends had to cancel because he was sick! And then Sunday we spent the day taking down decorations (and misplacing cameras!). And then spending 3 hours in Urgent Care....

Yeah, hubby was taking down his Christmas village and hit his hand on an angle bracket. Sliced open between his pinkie and the next finger and it looked pretty deep. Plus the bracket was metal and had been stored outside all year round. So I knew he needed a tetanus shot. After three hours, he got his shot, and some steri strips on it. Very frustrating because even tho we knew he was low priority - it wasn't busy so the wait was frustrating.

Today is raining - hurrah! We need it so badly! And I only have one or two errands to run (thank goodness). Need to work on getting ready for school to start on the 20th....

Happy New Year!
According to a financial wizard I heard on the radio last week - SOMETIME this year, things SHOULD get better......


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