Friday, January 16, 2009

Dentists - I hate dentists

But actually my dentist is pretty good. But I still hate them. Wonder if people who have grown up since the better dental tools and all hate them as much as older people do? The sound of the drills still are horrible.....why cant they make the drills silent?

So after almost 4 weeks of listening to hubby calling me "tweaker" I go in for my appt, expecting to get a temporary bridge and being fitted for a permanent one.

Instead, the dentist wasnt happy about the healing of my gums. Probably because of the two almost back-to-back nasty colds I had. So he did all the prelim work - fitted me with a temp - but because of his schedule and mine, I cant get back in for the fitting of the permanent one for 6 more weeks!!!!!! And then it takes 2 more weeks to get it!!!! It is jsut dragging on and on.

But they said they think the worst of it was done yesterday - 2.5 hours worth! And yesterday I was all whiny and I am just depressed about the soft diet until the permanent bridge and watching my husband eating the See's nuts that we got at Christmas and telling me how they are so very good! That would be considered justifiable homicide right!!!!

Students start next week. Busy times ahead. Am already trying to juggle all of them - 10 of them this time! - as I make up their schedules!

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