Saturday, January 31, 2009

More training

It is still beautiful here in California but we desperately need rain. If you know any rain dancers - please send them!

Walked 5.92 miles today. Took some photos that I will load later.

Went to see a movie I heartedly recommend - Defiance. Wow - heavy stuff - historical stuff that should never ever be forgotten. And Daniel Craig does have the most amazing eyes - I think he has replaced Paul Newman in that category.

Last week saw a movie I most heartedly do NOT recommend unless you need a nap. The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons - AKA The Never Ending Movie! Don't get me wrong - there were short parts that were brilliant - and the makeup artist and whomever are geniuses. But the movie went on....and on....and on.....We were in an upstairs theater. You had to go downstairs to the bathroom - I was seriously looking for any other movie to sit in on. Wondered around the theater as long as I could when I took a bathroom break and when I went back, the movie was still going on and on and on.....cannot believe how many nominations it recieved. I think people really did take naps during it and nominated it becuase of the nap time they had! Amazing how long a movie you can make from a short story....

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