February Catching Up

Those are the really pretty - and extremely overpriced - flowers my husband sent to my for Valentine's Day. But I am a petty selfish person.....and am still upset that the first time in 36? Valentine's Days, I did not get a card!
And it really surprises me. You see, there are 2 movies that are viewed by this family every year. To the point that we all can do dialogue from them. And one of them is Fiddler On The Roof. (We have seen that movie on the big screen - the little screen - amateur stage - and professional stage). And one of the important songs in that movie is "Tradition". A very important aspect of my husband is tradition. And so, I am so surprised that he forgot this tradition...cards....oh well, I am a big girl and I will deal with it...but the very expensive flowers way overshadows the little gifts I have him...
It has been rainy for days. And that is a good thing. But I wish it would rain at night and be sunny in the day time! But that is just me.
Our oldest grandson (you can see a photo of him behind the flowers), apparently has been pretty sick recently. Strep throat - and he had every symptom you can think of. But 24 hours of antibiotics and he feels better - altho he still has a sore throat!
The economy is getting closer and touching more and more lives. I read other people's blogs and their economic worries. And now my daughter tells me about a friend at work - recently bought a house - pregnant with the first baby - and she will no longer have a job come April. So far, luckily, her husband has a job (and he is the medical insurance provider which is a good thing). But she will be 8+months pregnant when she loses her job...
Oh, do you love babies as much as I do? Then you must go over to this blog and look at the most lovely baby photos...http://getting-stitched-on-the-farm.blogspot.com/...I just want to sit down in the midst of them and play with them!
No AT&T for hubby this year - and he had some wonderful tickets to utilize. The day he would have gone, play was cancelled due to weather.


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