See the new counter up there? The one with the very pretty sunflowers?

It is up there becuase Mother's Day is the day AFTER I complete the 10K Bras For The Cause walk. So it will be recovery day of some sort!

If you would like to support my team (Team Maternal/Child) please go to and support us.

You can also read about the walk there. This group is an all volunteer organization. This year the money will go to both the Susan B Komen organization as well as the local Axis Community Health Clinic.

I have been touched by many people who have experienced the fear and pain brought about my breast cancer. Have also had my own scares. And so this has become important to me - it can affect anyone, either gender, any race, any age - and I would like to see more and more research about the cures and prevention out there so that just maybe, as the photo above says, we can find a cure before my granddaughter grows boobs! (No, that is not her - just a photo I recived in an email today that I thought was very pertinent!)


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