Ya Gotta Love T Ball

Why does t ball start at the coldest time of the year? Yesterday was sunny and much warmer - today was the first game so it was really really cold out! Later on, after the 'game' was all over, it got a little warmer!
Next year they will start tball ... right now they can run around, hide from their parents, and have fun trying to stay warm!
Gotta watch out when the geese are dive bombing the field!

Trying to stay warm while watching the game....but sitting on metal bleachers high up just doesnt cut it!

But if you are the littlest one, you can cuddle up and hide in your stroller!

These guys are actually doing better this year! The hitting has improved - and they are watching the ball. But when they get the ball, they still arent quite sure what to do with it! And then, if they do get on base - they tend to bunch up on one base - trying to stay warm??? And every time the coach would yell "Run home" all I could think of was that scene from The Sandlot....
I did forget the funniest story from the knitting show yesterday. It happened in the first 1/2 hour I was there. Over the paging system came "Could Mr. So-and-So please come to such-and-such booth? You have your wife's purse and she needs it!"


Teresa said…
Thank you for the kind words about my blog and for letting me know I had won Kathy's contest. I was working my way through emails and was so surprised. I get to go to etsy and pick my prize from Cass. I am so excited. I'm a bit short on time tonight but I will look up the source of the pattern for you ASAP.

You certainly have some cute grandchildren. The granddog is pretty cute as well. I enjoy my granddog quite a lot. Of course we enjoy the grandkids more.
Teresa said…
email me at tschrock@swbell.net if you would still like to have the info. on the vests.

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