Sunday, February 1, 2009

More walking and photos!

These are some of the vines growing on the outside of the old Olivinia Winery building. Looks like a knit cable doesnt it?
I love watching these birds soaring. They make my heart feel light and happy. I wish I had a better lens - he was circling right over me.....hubby told me he was waiting for me to keel over....I think he knew I was envious of him and he was taunting me!

My hubby loves oak trees. I dont. But I do love how they grow in all these interesting shapes!

This is the old Olivinia Winery building. Lots of birds hiding in there!

This is the other building there - a metal building.

I jsut thought this tree looked like a ghost.

Interesting buildings. Wish I knew more about the history - will have to do some research. We also saw some foundations...

This is where we have been walking. We have bought a seasons pass. Today we logged in 5.1 miles. This time we have found lots more walking paths than we ever knew was passable. The walk today was very hilly and we did wimp out on the last part of it cause it was way too steep looking! We decided to do that on the first day of the walk next time, not the second day!

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