This week has really felt like spring.....and each time, NO CAMERA! Drat it!

  • the poppies are blooming! I love them!
  • On the drive to Children's Hospital in Oakland, I saw a deer on the hill by the freeway...then a few more....and then a herd of them complete with fawns!!!!!
  • yesterday on the way to work - it is getting lighter in the mornings - I saw in the field this HUGE herd of goats - must have been brought in for shrubbery control!
  • and today on the drive home, a whole flock of wild turkeys!

Just gotta admire that old Mother Nature.

Walked aroung the Market at Stitches West today. While waiting in the longest line I have ever seen there (and I usually go about the same time on Friday morning) I was talking to some of the other ladies in line while we watched the 'fashion show' going on around us.....and I definitely do not feel bad when one of them was talking about someone she knows who has had to rent storage to contain all her quilting stash - and the other lady told us she met someone last year who admitted she rented an entire seperate apartment for her fiber stash!!! I am not that bad at all....

And I came home with : 2 patterns (one is a gift), 2 notions (1 is a gift), 2 pairs of socks (both are gifts) and 1 ball of yarn for me! That was it!!

Talked myself out of a lot - either because I just dont need it, or because realistically I knew I would never get it done. There were quite a few samples I would have loved to have walked away with!!!!!!

But boy am I tired, and in over load I think....from all the people and all the stuff. Talked with some really nice people!


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