I found #3

First were the police officers in Oakland....2d was our neighbor's son....and today I open my mailbox to find out (from her son) that a dear friend is in the hospital with a broken shoulder and femur! I was wondering what/when #3 would be, but I did not expect her to step up and become it!

I am a little sore. Lovely weekend (alth the wind is a bit chilly today). Watched Tball yesterday and ran errands. Ran errands today and then started to work on our backyard. I had trimmed back 4 ancient rose bushes and today we dug them out. Along with a lot of that $%#%$#&#&%$@^&O*&=*& ivy that comes over our fence (and is ruining it) from the school behind our fence. I use to like ivy and use to grow it in pots. Now I hate it as much as I hate palmtrees.

My Febuary Lady sweater is done - except for the buttons. Cannot find what I want. And even went to the fabric store that always has great buttons and they let me down. THey are also seriously understaffed and they were busy. I was going to get some material but I was 4th inline and after 20 minutes the line hadnt moved - only 1 person at the cash register (and she had a very long line) and 1 person cutting. So, by saving on not having enough staff, they lost $$$ in sales. At least enough for 2 hours of another sales person! Oh well....


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