More complaints

There is this yarn that everyone is gaga over. I have looked at it - and petted it - but never tried it. Then I joined this swap and decided to splurge on a skein of it for a friend. I could not decide on a color so I chose navy blue, thinking that can go with everything. And I chose the new sock yarn becuase of the yardage.

Brought it home, and decided to ball it up. Took out the skein and it literally dumped into a mass in my lap before I could do anything about it. I have spent a week trying to untangle it. And I am still working on it. Meanwhile I have been finding slubs in it - knots - and to top that off, not only knots which makes it NOT 440 continuous yards, but it appears to be two skeings put together becuase, instead of a knot, there is is. One long part of it just stops....and another starts!

I am disgusted with it. And it wont be going to that person becuase I will not get it untangled in time. So now I have to spend time and money to buy some other yarn for that friend.

Oh, you want to know what yarn it is?

"malabrigo sock
100 grams per skein, 440 yards per skein100 % superwash merino wool "

But for the good news.....I am no longer a tweaker or a semi-tweaker! Got my permanent bridge put back in today and I am so happy! It looks and feels so much better!

Only 2 more weeks with this group of students and then we switch off. The OB students come to me and my students go to OB. I am really going to miss this group!

Talked to several of the 2d year students and they are so depressed. This last semester is so hard for them. They think they have hard times before - and then they hit the last semester and it is grueling. And the not only talk it - they look it! And I cannot give them anything helpful except - HANG IN THERE! Everyone goes thru this and somehow, if it is meant to be, you will survive!

I cant believe the response we are getting for our Fundraising for the Bras For The Cause!
Sent out a bunch of email letters and we are getting a great response! That is not only a relief, but it is wonderful that even in these times, people are still willing to support such a great cause!
Thank you to everyone who has responded!


Jane said…
I wanted to try the Malibrigo sock yarn (to make a shawl not socks) but my LYS didn't have any in yet, so I settled for Noro Sock instead - now I'm glad that I did!
So glad your fundraising is going well - now, do you have your bra decorated yet?

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